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In the Classroom

Our Mission

Brown Institute for Young Learners is committed to providing a solid educational foundation for children, across a variety of cultural backgrounds. Children at Brown Institute for Young Learners will be educated to their highest intellectual and individual potential. Our young learners will leave with a strong sense of self and a commitment to creating an equitable and just society.

Children's Storybooks

Guiding Principles

Educational Toys

Early Childhood Education

A quality early childhood education that is research-based and developmentally appropriate. 

Afro American Kid

Identity Development

Developing a strong sense of self through exploring our uniqueness and that of others.

Community Garden

Community Engagement

Learners will be actively involved in the community and develop a commitment to creating an equitable and just society, as young leaders.

Instructional Features

Our instructional features contribute to our mission of providing an educational experience that equips learners to be successful. 
Interdisciplinary Instruction

Although each content area has an allocated instructional time, we foster an interdisciplinary approach to learning. This means skills taught in one content area will be applied to another. Interdisciplinary instruction is ideal for young learners because it allows for a deeper understanding of content through real-world connections and application. 

Family Style Dining

Family-style dining involves sitting around the table during mealtimes, like family dinners. Whenever possible, learners serve themselves from child-size platters and pitches. This time is sacred in promoting a sense of unity and community in the classroom. In addition to creating independence and empowering our learners to make smart choices. 

Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning provides an opportunity for children to explore their natural curiosities to make sense of the world around them. This style of learning fosters authentic educational experiences that develop social and problem-solving skills. 

Creative Expression

Creative Expression is an allocated time during the day for students to express themselves in creative ways and foster abilities outside of typical academic skills. This could be movement, music, art, technology, and library time. 

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