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Brown Institute for Young Learners

We are an educational institution designed to provide a solid educational foundation for children across a variety of cultural backgrounds. 



Brown Institute for Young Learners educates children in PreK - 3rd grade.



We create a learning environment that allows children to thrive academically and culturally.  



Now enrolling for the 2024-2025 school year!

Welcome to Brown Institute! 

Jessica J. Brown, M.Ed.

Ms. Brown is the Founder/Director of Brown Institute for Young Learners. She earned her bachelor's degree, from Rowan University, in Early Childhood Education. She also has a Master's in Education from Rutgers University.


Professional certifications include: NJ PK-3 Teaching Certification, Educational Supervisory Certification, and Principal Certification. 

Ms. Brown is passionate about ensuring our youngest learners are provided with a solid foundation to be equipped for life. Her passion has led her to conduct research that highlights the importance of positive identity formation for developing confident and capable individuals, particularly for children of color. As an educator she has developed curriculum and instructional programming merging early childhood education and multicultural education, while serving on a Diversity, Equity, and Access committee for a school district. 

Knowing the importance of providing an enriched educational experience, from the very beginning, Ms. Brown has developed Brown Institute for Young Learners. 


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School Supply
"My son, Daniel, and I were blessed to have had Ms. Brown as his second-grade teacher. He made a lot of improvements. He especially has learned more self-discipline and has become an independent worker at home, no doubt to the skills she was teaching in her classroom. He has gained a lot of confidence and enjoyed second grade thanks to Ms. Brown."

Lynda Bermuda, Parent of Former Student

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